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  • Hi! You have a great project! I've been programming since 9th grade, too, and I'm working on a cool project right now, here's the site of these guys

  • The popular Wordle game online is now available online with no time limit. It's quite entertaining and appropriate for people of all ages. Let's see how many times you can predict the words and compete against others from all over the world.

  • A C++ job requires you to know object-oriented programming and its fundamentals. You also need to learn about data structures, algorithms, linked lists, and how to create libraries. Most developers will use libraries already available in their company. Besides these resources, you should also join Slack communities like Cpplang, which have C++ developers interacting with each other. Recruiters will be impressed with the knowledge you possess, and your skills will shine through when you engage with them in informal environments.

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