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version 1.0



  • Support for HoloLens 2
  • Support for Android
  • Unit tests
  • CI pipeline
  • Home pathway that leads to the main menu
  • Task stations are now visualized as a diamond


  • Updated to MRTK
  • Combined player and recorder into one common editor
  • Redesigned user interface
    • Updated aura visuals
    • Updated pathway visuals
    • Redesigned the action list menu
    • Updated text label visuals
    • Streamlined activity download and activity starting with an activity download menu
    • Replaced circular edit menu with own editor menus for each annotation
  • Menus do not follow the user's head movement anymore but can be placed in a fixed position in space
  • Tweaked scaling of objects
  • Updated to new logo


  • Annotation positions can now be saved in the correct format independent of the user's culture settings
  • Event order of central event manager improved
  • Performance improvements & code refactoring