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Version 1.2



  • Support for iOS
  • Near interaction support for UI
  • 3D Model augmentation
  • Sketchfab connection for importing models
  • Additional action glyphs and a scrollable grid for selecting them
  • Activity cover thumbnail
  • Walkthrough tutorial introduces to the basic functionality on first start
  • Optional thumbnail photo now provides preview of Learning Experiences
  • Config panel for Moodle login information
  • Display app version number on activity list
  • OpenID connect support for Sketchfab
  • Realign button near aura to recentre panels if lost / stuck in wall
  • Image and video augmentation support added for iOS and Android
  • Display file size before cloud download of Learning Experiences


  • Connects to Moodle server for ARLEM files and content
  • UI panels more compact
  • New UI for image and video players
  • Improved mesh display of spatial map in edit mode on Android / iOS
  • Improved activity list paging to improve display performance
  • Task card closer to task station
  • Video always uses audio
  • new icons and splash screen


  • Surface magnetism solvers added to keep holograms out of the walls
  • Workplace calibration fixed, activities now can again be transferred across devices / places
  • Activity List properly refreshes now when new activities are created
  • Improved keyboard handling (device specific and improved Hololens keyboards)
  • Fixed all offsets of all augmentations
  • Ghost sometimes got stuck when moving to next action
  • Sometimes small spheres appeared randomly scattered in the activity
  • Upload uses Activity Title
  • Glyphs can be rotated
  • Loading previously saved ARLEM failed
  • In some situations, labels would be empty


  • Developer workflow documented in Wiki
  • Updated to MRTk 2.5
  • Intelligent rendering via PlatformManager allows building platform-specific UI
  • BrandManager allows customising look and feel via config file
  • CI release pipeline and notifications
  • CI installer builds for HoloLens 1 and 2
  • Automatic build version numbering
  • More unit tests added

Platform Compatibility


Version 11.0+ (ARKit required)


Version 7.0+

UWP (Windows Holographic)