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  • New flat user interface for mobile and tablet devices (iOS and Android).
  • Pick and place augmentation which allows the users to flag the real world by an arrow.
  • New aesthetics for the ghost model in the GhostTrack


  • New voice commands for moving the action list: “Move action list” and the activity list: “Move activity list” (Only on Hololens)
  • Pagination for the model augmentation
  • Dialog recorder for character augmentation
  • Basic lip-sync for character augmentation
  • Authors of activities can delete them from the server directly from the app (only on Hololens)
  • Improved update of activities stored in the cloud.
  • Activities from course assignments listed first now (with deadlines displayed).
  • A new animation “Image Display” added to the character augmentation. The user can assign an image annotation to this animation, and the character will show up the image.
  • Gaze trigger for label augmentations.


  • The ghost model is replaced with a better avatar model.
  • Terms of use and privacy policy are updated.


  • Sketchfab models do not remain in the ARLEM folder anymore after deleting.
  • Only the first video could be displayed in each step even if the users had several video augmentations.
  • First/Last step buttons and the next and previous step buttons of the Action list now function correctly.
  • Login UI is now placed in the correct place at the start of the app.
  • The annotation menu is no longer crashing when all steps are deleted.
  • Ghost is no longer losing arms on Android and iOS
  • Character augmentation models without a dialog recorder function are no longer causing a crash after loading the activity.


  • Terms of use added
  • Improved repository functionality


  • Vuforia updated to version 9.8.5.
  • xAPI updated and tincan removed.
  • The empty dialogues in CI pipeline build were fixed.

Platform Compatibility


Version 11.0+ (ARKit required)


Version 7.0+

UWP (Windows Holographic)