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  • New UI for mobile devices. New flat user interface for mobile and tablet devices with iOS and Android.
  • Pick and place augmentation. The new Pick and place augmentation which allows the users to flag the real world by an arrow.
  • GhostTrack aesthetics. New aesthetics for the ghost model in the GhostTrack.


  • Augmentations can now be kept alive between action steps.
  • New character models were added to the character augmentation.


  • The ghost model is replaced with a better avatar model.
  • Calibration now restarts the current activity.
  • A warning is given when a user tries to download a model with a large file size.
  • Character augmentation settings panel has been refactored.
  • Character models now handle occlusion by the spatial map.
  • It is possible to add different audio, animation, path and movement to the character in each action step.
  • The Image Marker augmentation has been re-enabled on Hololens 1 and Hololens 2 However, it is still disabled on iOS and Android.


  • The iOS or android apps no longer show a Vuforia license error when first launched.
  • Pick and place now stays in edit/play mode when changing action steps.
  • Keyboard predictive text now works correctly for Hololens 1 and Hololens 2.
  • The Keyboard no longer dismisses itself on Hololens 1 and Hololens 2.
  • A bug causing some sketchfab models to not be loaded has been resolved.
  • Task stations are correctly spaced apart when loading an activity without calibrating.
  • Task stations no longer rotate when they are moved.
  • Fixed Moodle repository upload limit to allow for activity models with more than 64kb.


  • No changes


  • Vuforia License key has been changed.

Platform Compatibility


Version 11.0+ (ARKit required)


Version 7.0+

UWP (Windows Holographic)