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  • New possibility for AR measuring. Measuring functionality is added to the act augmentation 'measure' and measurements are stored as result in the xAPI learning record store.
  • Navigation assistance. The navigation arrow points the user to the selected target augmentation, one per step.
  • New mobile UI is complete. The new mobile UI is now functionally complete with edit panels for each augmentation and calibration.


  • Female avatar for the ghost track augmentation.
  • Voice commands "next" and "back" allow switching between steps (only on Hololens).
  • Label trigger functionality now available also on iOS and Android.
  • Characters now process 3D models as obstacles and will avoid bumping into them.
  • Characters are now resizable.
  • 'Loading' interstitial when loading or creating an activity.
  • Character models will now be included in the ARLEM zip file.
  • Auto-progression for character augmentation: checkbox now allows moving automatically to the next action step once animation or audio finished playing (whichever takes longer).


  • The activity will be reset when the last step is completed.
  • Deadline date format is corrected.
  • Orkestra support removed (for now).
  • Improved glyphs for 'act' augmentation (scissors, all box glyphs).


  • Reduced loading time for new activities.
  • Marker augmentation now also works on Android and iOS.
  • The Pick and place augmentation now also supports 3D models (alternative to the standard 'arrow' shape).
  • Improved character movement on mobile devices.
  • Closing the augmentation panel now brings up the list of augmentations again.
  • Character position will no longer break when switching between action steps.
  • Next task station is again locked in edit mode.
  • Floor line from the aura to the activity list is visible again.
  • Ghost origin will be loaded correctly.
  • Model augmentation (Sketchfab) now also works on mobile devices.
  • Mobile UI icons are now no longer hidden by android system icons.
  • The image presentation animation no longer appears only with keep alive over several action steps.


  • New 'support' button (in the Moodle login panel) opens a defined support forum in a browser.
  • New plugin augmentation allows packaging of 3rd party mini-apps as prefabs in the ARLEM zip file.


  • Android CI pipeline added.
  • Separate TestFlight link for development builds.
  • Sketchfab client secret now in untracked config file 'SketchfabClient.json' (excluded from tracking via .gitignore; you need to manually copy the SketchfabClient.json to your project folder).

Platform Compatibility


Version 11.0+ (ARKit required)


Version 7.0+

UWP (Windows Holographic)