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Change Log


  • Updated Keyword Manager. MirageXR now uses voice prompts "Hey Presto", "Hey Mirage" and "Sim Sala Bim" to start voice interaction. Voice interaction has also been improved by adding visual cues for spoken words.
  • IBM Watson Integration. Character augmentations can now be fitted with an IBM Watson assistant, improving user interaction.
  • Tiltbrush. MirageXR now includes the popular XR painting tool Tiltbrush! The new augmentation allows adding 3D-painting elements to the training procedures.


  • Most visual augmentations can now be used as a trigger for the next action step.
  • Gaze triggers can now be used to jump to any action step.
  • Near-touch interaction added for dialogues on HoloLens2.
  • 3D object manipulation is now possible through widgets at the object’s boundaries.
  • Added a toggle to the mobile video editor panel that allows a user to input the orientation of a video augmentation.


  • The MirageXR in-app tutorial has been updated, improving performance and maintainability.
  • Special characters like ampersand (&) are now disallowed in activity names, as this could cause problems with Moodle.
  • Some unnecessary voice lines were removed from the MirageXR voice assistant Maggie.
  • The glyph trigger option was moved to the editor panel.
  • On loading or creating a new step, the step will be labeled as the current step (in orange, not gray).
  • Disabled shadows on HoloLens and improved their quality on other platforms.
  • Icons and splash screens were updated.
  • The rotation of the character augmentation was improved on mobile devices.
  • The default placement of UI elements on HoloLens was optimized.
  • The drawing augmentation button was removed on mobile platforms.
  • The augmentation panel on task stations was changed from list to a grid view.


  • A bug where audio would not replay on ghost augmentations was fixed.
  • The spawn point is now correctly visible on HoloLens 2 for both eyes. The custom shader was replaced with a wireframe sphere.
  • Editing ghost augmentations will now also replace old audio with the new one.
  • The Home button on the Aura has been moved slightly up to avoid being under the floor line.
  • The Pick&Place augmentation no longer forgets the target sphere size.
  • Deleting a model used by Pick&Place now works correctly.
  • The GhostTrack animation and its sound are now synchronised.
  • The Sketchfab thumbnail is now correctly displayed.
  • The video editor now opens correctly for editing.
  • A visual bug where action steps could not be deleted was fixed.
  • An issue with the audio augmentation where the loop and trigger options would interact badly was fixed.
  • The rotation and scale of the Image augmentation are no longer resetting on load.
  • An issue where the Aura would jump up when sitting was fixed.
  • The calibration guide is no longer causing errors when selecting “Don’t show again”.
  • Private activities are now displayed correctly on Android.
  • The bounding box on the measure tool was disabled, as it was causing errors.


  • Some old folders and files have been removed or moved.
  • Dropdown and guide text of character augmentations is replaced by Unity native UI elements.

Platform Compatibility


Version 11.0+ (ARKit required)


Version 7.0+

UWP (Windows Holographic)